Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects
Tuscan landscape tile mural installation for a wine cellar
Tile Murals
Imaged decorative Ceramic Tiles, Custom Kitchen Tile Backsplash,
 Tumbled Tile Murals, Custom Tile Wall Murals
Kiln fired tiles for outdoor, walls, countertop, pools  and floors
 and imaged porcelain enameled steel

Alicia Tapp Designs transfers..
onto tumbled marble, ceramic, and porcelain outdoor  tiles to create tile murals for a kitchen backsplash
especially for YOU.Indoor Tiles or Outdoor Tiles
  Looks like hand painted.
Please take a look at the customer testimonial and mural installation page and
be inspired by the possibilities, quality and ideas

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Tumbled Marble Tile
is the Stone of Choice  to buy for your Tile Mural, Wall Mural, Kitchen Backsplash, mural tile  Bathroom tiles, Shower. Pitted, veiny, chipped edges.. All the characteristics of an old world, rustic look. Stone meticulously records the passage of time and plays it back to us through a visual diary of stunning color and texture for your classic tiles.
100's of fabulous contemporary and old world images to choose from.
 See left side of page for all the categories of art I offer or submit your own.

Kitchen backsplash with a tile mural of poppies             View to the Amalfi Coastline tile mural kitchen backsplash
Red Poppy Road                                                                        Amalfi Tumbled marble tile kitchen backsplash                               
Mural Installation.    

 Decorative Ceramic Tiles, Custom Tile Wall Murals... Architectural grade
any image
 Durable Ceramic
Tile Mural
 Indoors only
Tile Murals for High maintenance areas  ... Durable & cleanable , can take heat behind a stove, moisture and wet environments of a bathroom, shower or spa,  Sauna, Kitchen backsplash, Countertops
Any Image , Any Size

 Iris garden by Van Gogh for your tiled  kitchen backsplash

Giants inspired tile mural on glass tiles for the floor of a master bathroom
 Tile Murals for Floors, Walls and Countertops
Glass Tiles
Glass allows you to
harness the beauty of color and light

Image is transferred onto
 the back  side of the tile

Also great for walls, countertops, showers, bathroom backsplash-
 kitchen backsplash...... indoors only

Example installation shown is a master bathroom floor

 Outdoor Porcelain
 Tile Mural
guaranteed to last more than 30 years
at the Equator or the Arctic
"We didn't invent the process..     We perfected it"

 Kiln Fired Imaged Porcelain Tile Murals-Tested by the Tile council of America .
Only Kiln fired tiles will last a lifetime outside or in a pool. floor,  Shower, Spa, Sauna, Kitchen backsplash, floors, pools and surrounding pool areas.
Kiln fired at 1800 Degrees F
3.75x3.75,  6x6", 8x8", 11.75x11.75
Any Image , Any Size
Please note   Tiles MUST BE KILN FIRED at high temperatures to last more than 30 years and if you are in a frost/thaw/heat area you must use porcelain

12x12             Wine art transferred onto porcelain kiln fired outdoor tiles for an outdoor wine bar
Examples of Outdoor Mural installations.

exterior mural.. 650 sq ft installation. kiln fired and  guaranteed for a lifetime
Outdoor tile mural---650 Sq ft Mural installation


New and Outstanding Product for the Commercial Industry
Imaged Porcelain Enameled Recycled Steel
Guaranteed for more than 30 years outdoors. Rust free. Used for large construction projects for buildings, wayfaring signs, etc, Public works projects, benches in subways etc,  bendable,  interlocking panels, holes can be punched in so light will shine through.
In the process of getting Leed certified
Because we Digital print, prices are much lower than screenprinting
Any size , Any image
Contact Alicia for more information
Here is an example of the panel .. Colors are amazing
Imaged porcelain enameled steel .. Guaranteed for a lifetime for building exteriors, underpasses, wayfaring signs, Guaranteed for a lifetime    
Imaged Porcelain enamel steel example.. see interlocking tabs for installation

Imaged Porcelain enamel steel for building exteriors, underpasses, wayfaring signs, Guaranteed for a lifetime     Imaged Porcelain enamel steel for building exteriors, underpasses, wayfaring signs, Guaranteed for a lifetime
Imaged Porcelain enamel steel example
Porcelain Enamel Steel for subways, underpass, Museums, exterior of buildings

New Product.. Introducing
Mosaic Murals
Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of
small pieces of colored stones.  
Small pieces of different colors are used to create a pattern or picture.
Alicia Tapp Designs prides itself in creating fully handmade mosaics from all natural marble, based on the same techniques used by the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. The color of the tiles remain intact over time regardless of weather and will last a lifetime.
Each stone is hand cut and then skillfully positioned on nylon mesh.
Walls, floors, countertops, pools, indoors, outdoors

Bathroom floral mosaic mural installation
Mosaic Mural Installation   in Bathroom

Photo memorial cameos for a headstone or marker for pet memorials and your loved ones
for a Headstone
To commemorate a loved one or  beloved pet  we offfer porcelain kiln fired beveled tiles that can be affixed to a headstone, marker or urn. Reasonably priced.
Also consider a memorial garden rock

Gifting ideas
Fundraising Ideas
Alicia Tapp Designs specializes in transferring images on to ceramic tiles framed or unframed according to Your own personal specifications .
Supply your own image or choose an image from the other pages on my website that suits your own style .
keepsake box

Vintage photos are transferred onto tiles and inset into a scrolled black wrought iron frame as a wall hanging

Tile Murals can be any size, unassembled for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower, floors, pool, decorative wall piece and a wall mural . Marble and regular decorative ceramic is for indoor use.  Ask about our durable and high maintenance ceramic tiles for kitchen backsplashes and kiln fired  tiles for outdoor use and all hi maintenance areas that require heat and scrubbing and are in the sun.

 Because our tiles are digitally  hand printed  heat pressed and the image embedded into the tile,our prices are low cost and the lead time is about
 2- 3 weeks for marble or ceramic tiles. Kiln fired tiles are 5 weeks

Cherubs, Mermaid
Old World Masters
Vintage labels on Tiles

 Photo Tiles
Gifting Anyone?

Small pieces of different color stones are used to create a pattern or picture.

Photo Memorials
Product Information

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Vintage Labels, Wine Labels & Vintage Posters-
100's  of labels to choose from or submit your own

 Turn of the century, vintage, antique Perfume label art work on tiles   Vintage coffee label art work transferred onto tiles for a kitchen backsplash       Vintage Seed packets transferred onto marble or ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash or pantry or garden room.       Fruit crate art label art work on tiles. As a kitchen backsplash or wall display for Pantry        Wine labels on tiles- Great for a kitchen backsplash, wine bar, wine cellar, restaurant or as coasters

Your very own personalized wine label  as a tile mural or coaster
Wine labels
on multi tile murals or individual tiles for a kitchen backsplash
Click list below to view our extensive line of Vintage Label Art  and then
 go to the customer testimonial page
and see the mural installations and rave reviews for our
murals and customer service.

Contemporary Artwork and old world masters ~Van Gogh, Klimt, Waterhouse, Aagard, Tadema, to name a few.
If we don't have an image for your new home or home improvement or remodeling project,
 kitchen backsplash, send us an image or photograph and we'll transfer it for you.
Decorative Accents, Kitchen Backsplash, Range  Backsplash, Barbecue Island, Patio and Poolside areas,
Outdoor Grill Backsplash,  Floors,  Counter backsplash, Bathroom, Tub or Shower Surround,
Swimming Pool, Tabletop, Fireplace Surround, Entryway, Wall Decor.

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