Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects

Accent Tiles
Decorative Ceramic Tiles, Kitchen Tile Backsplash, Tumbled Marble Tiles , Deco Tiles,
Kiln fired tiles for outdoor, walls, countertop, pools  and floors .

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Accent Tiles
on tumbled marble, ceramic or glass tiles.

Please see below
for all the images

Oh ! The possibilities
Botanical fruit imaged and decorative tiles

 To see all the vintage labels that can be transferred onto individual tiles please click on the link and it will take you to an inspiring assortment of images on my

Vintage Labels, Wine Labels & Vintage Posters-
100's  of labels to choose from or submit your own

Your very own personalized wine label  as a tile mural or coaster
Personalized accent tiles-- Click here to see more designs on my

Yummy  ! Desserts

         dessert tiles        

An eye-catching dessert that is good for you!

        cherry pie a la mode decorative tiles          pie tiles


Botanical Fruit

FRUIT 1 Apples

FRUIT 3 Pear
Botanical fruit imaged and decorative tiles
FRUIT 4 Oranges
FRUIT 5 Tangerines
FRUIT 6 Pineapple
FRUIT 7 Cherries
FRUIT 8 Cherries
FRUIT 9 Peaches
FRUIT 10 Apples
FRUIT 11 Lemon
FRUIT 12 Pears
FRUIT 13 Plums
FRUIT 14 Grapes
FRUIT 15 Grapes
FRUIT 16 Grapes
FRUIT 17 Grapes
FRUIT 18 Grapes
FRUIT 19 Grapes

Accent Tiles by Gina Lancerotti
All  accent tiles on 4x4 or 6x6
The accent tiles by Gina Lancerotti will also coordinate with her murals.
Lemon accent or deco tile Lemon accent or deco tile Lemon accent or deco tile
GL-- Lemon 1                                   GL-- Lemon 2                           GL-- Lemon 3  
 Lemon accent or deco tile
GL-- Lemon 4

Grapes accent or deco tile  Grapes accent or deco tile   Grapes accent or deco tile  
GL-- Grapes 1                                       GL-- Grapes 2                        GL-- Grapes 3

       Grapes accent or deco tile
  GL-- Grapes 4

   Three Poppies on marble or ceramic
 GL--   3 Poppies                    

Tuscan accent or deco tiles                       Tuscan accent or deco tiles
GL--  Villa 1                                                    GL-- Villa 2

Tuscan accent or deco tiles                   Tuscan accent or deco tiles
GL- Villa 3                            GL-  Villa 4

Mexican Art

Mexican deco tile      
DR Basket                                          DR Calla Lily

        Mexican art tile  
DR Flower Seller                    DR Flower Vendor
DR Kneeling Lady                                  DR Pineapple

Vine Leaves

           Vine 1                                            Vine 2                                 Vine 3                                                    


   butterfly tiles
Butterfly 1                                                    Butterfly 2

                  dragonfly tile
Butterfly 3                                                 Butterfly 4
Butterfly 5                                                    Butterfly 6      

Talavera Tiles
    Colors can be customized
 talavera tile , any color  
Talavera 1                                 Talavera  2                                 Talavera 3


Toile, a pictorial mural of rural country life
As you can see I have used the same image and changed the coloration
               Green                        Dark Red                        Navy

Horse and Rider

horse and rider tile        
Horse and Rider 3                  Horse and Rider 1                   Horse and Rider 2  

Jewish Art
Accent tiles -- Pretty cool on Marble
Great gifts

Shalom Y'All  --  01
shalom y all tile
Shalom Y'All  --  02
jewish wedding stone tile          decorative shalom y all jewish accent tile
JEWISH WEDDING STONE                 Shalom Y'All --  08

Botanical Roses

rose tile
Rosa 1 Gallica
rose tile
Rosa 2  Elegantera
rose tile
Rosa 3  Kamschatica
rose tile
Rosa 4  Muscosa

Birds  Accent Tiles

hummingbird tile             hummingbird tile
Hummingbird 1                                Hummingbird 2

Hummingbird 3

bird tile
bird tile
bird tile

Vegetable Accent Tiles
  With or without  green checkerboard border.  Or we can re-color the border to coordinate with your color scheme   See Mural Installation

vegetable accent tile
Veggie 1 Scallions
carrot accent tile
Veggie 2 Carrots
peas accent tile
Veggie 3 Peas
beets accent tile
Veggie 4 Beets

Venetian Scenes

venice accent tiles
Venice 1
Venice 2
Venice 3
Venice 4
Venice 5
Venice 6
Venice 7
venice canal accent tiles
Venice 8

Southwest and Indian Icons

southwest accent tiles
IA 1
IA 2
IA 3
IA 4
IA 5
Southwest accent tiles
IA 6
IA 7
IA 8
IA 9
IA 10
IA 11
IA 12
IA 13
IA 14
IA 15
southwest deco tiles
IA 16
IA 17
IA 18
Above icon accent tile images can be adjusted to any color-- Sepia or reddish brown tones on tumbled marble tiles will look very old Southwest-- use as border along a backsplash

 see all the vintage labels that can be transferred to create accent tiles....

Murals on Tiles

Cherubs, Mermaid
Old World Masters

Vintage labels on Tiles

Laser Etching


 Photo Tiles....
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