`Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects


Joanne Margosian's paintings reflect the beauty and romance
she experiences while traveling in Europe, Mexico & romantic California places.
This inspires her to paint the cafe's, balconies, inviting doorways,
 the unique architectural elements, and landscapes that highlight the charm,
& characteristics of the Old World.

Exceptional tile mural kitchen backsplashes.
Her painterly quality is captured and transferred so exquisitively on marble or ceramic tiles.
Your family and friends will think she hand painted this mural especially for you...
I'll never tell : )

tuscan landscape  tile mural             
                                                               JM---Red Poppy Road                               Red Poppy Road Installation
                                                                                                                                        Client framed mural in
                                                                                                                                                 gold metallic rope

Tuscan landscape tile mural.. kitchen backsplash   chianti village tile mural
                                                                JM--- Chianti Sunset               JM---Tuscan Chianti Village - gold sky

JM- Chianti Classico Window

                            JM---Tuscan Chianti Village - blue sky              JM---Cortona

chianti harvest tile mural.. tuscan landscape         VENICE  TILE MURAL
                                                             JM-- Chianti Harvest                    JM---  Venice Sunlight

                                                              JM---  Olive Vineyard 5                 JM---  Tuscan Village       

JM---  River Boat on the Loire

Tuscan landscape      Tuscan landscape
                                                                JM-- Tuscan Villa 2                  JM--- Vine 5                             

bramasole tuscan landscape             tuscan landscape tile mural
JM---Bramasole Poppy Garden                                                            JM  Tuscan 1114 Villa

tuscan landscape on tile        
                                                                JM--  Bramasole                      JM- Red Bramasole

olive villa tuscan landscape on tile            
                                                        JM----   Olive Villa                                          JM Red Bramasole Terrace

JM---  Tuscan Vineyard vertical

tuscan landscape            tuscan landscape     
                                                                      JM--- Vineyard                            JM--- Gold Vineyard

                                                     JM--  1216 Tuscan Vineyard                       JM--- Vineyard 284          

JM- WineBread                                    

tuscan landscape tile mural
JM --- Tuscan Vista

Accent Tiles

JM - Artichokes                         JM-- Asparagus                   JM- Grapes

                                                  JM- PGrapes                     JM- Rooster Gold                              JM- Rooster Blue

Accent Tiles
Any of Joanne Margosian's artwork can be converted into 6x6" accent tiles--
 Here are a few examples