Alicia Tapp Designs transfers fine art and vintage labels onto tiles, ceramic, marble and glass any size, any image. Dramatic and unusual tile murals and floor murals are created for the kitchen backsplash, shower and bath, all rooms of the house , restaurants, bars and wine cellar, Visit our mural installation page to see clients photos of murals we proudly were a part of the process of making their projects a success.
                                                                            Leonid Afremov
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Leonid Afremov ~ A Truly Inspired and prolific painter

" I fell in love with painting with oil and palette- knife.
 Every canvas is born during the creative search.
Each of my artworks reflects my feelings, sensitivity,
 passion and the music from my soul"

I invite you to scroll down to see his fabulous artwork
and imagine his art on tiles in your kitchen, bath, restaurant etc

Tuscan and French Country
LA - Spring of Angels                                                                                           
Don't you just want to have lunch at that corner cafe  
and walk up the steps to explore and find a wonderful store tucked around the corner..
This is a wonderful painting that makes me feel really good
and brings back memories of a vacation in Amalfi

                             LA---  Afremov Italy, Lake Como                              LA-- Hot Noon

Sun of Sicily by Afremov - Consider this beautiful Italian town scape as a backsplash for your kitchen        
                                                          LA ---  Sun of Sicily                                            LA ---Sun of July

                                                        LA-- Venice                                       LA - Greece Fiskardos

LA- Greek Noon


CityScapes and Urban Artwork  ~ New York to Paris  
Recommended on Ceramic only
                                              LA - Night in New York                               LA- Stroll

                                     LA--- Trapped inside Blue Rain                               LA-- Evening

                                                      LA -- Cafe in Paris                     LA --- Amsterdam

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