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We ship Mosaic tile murals all over the world

Mosaic mural is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored stones or glass.  
Small pieces of different colors are used to create a pattern or picture.
Alicia Tapp Designs prides itself in creating fully handmade mosaics from all natural marble, based on the same techniques used by the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. The color of the  tiny stones or glass remain intact over time regardless of weather and will last a lifetime.
Each stone or glass is hand cut and then skillfully positioned on nylon mesh.
Walls, floors, countertops, pools, indoors, outdoors.

Any Image, Any Size

Colors can be adjusted in images below
or choose an image from my Gallery of art images to be designed as a mosaic
Your logo personalized in mosaic tiles.

Bathroom floral mosaic mural installation
Floral Mural installation in bathroom

2 Examples of how mosaics look  as mini stone or glass pieces positioned side by side to form a picture

Example 1                                                                  Example 2

Please seal tiles afer installation . We recommend Tenax. It can be bought at Home depot

     Scroll down to see categories and themes for mosaics
   1 = address numbers Mosaics
   2 = Landscapes ..Tuscan , Mediterranean, etc Mosaics
   3 = Rooster Mosaics
   4 = Still life Fruit mosaics
  5= Still Life Floral mosaics
  6= Wine Art Mosaics
   7 = Bird Mosaics
   8 =  Western Mosaics
  9 = Abstract / Modern/ Contemporary Mosaics
  10= Tropical / undersea / Fish / Mermaid Mosaics
  11 = Figurative Mosaics
  12 = Religious Mosaics
  13 = Entryway / Floor Mosaics
  14 = Compass Rose Mosaics
  15 = Medallion Mosaics
 16 = Animal Mosaics
  17= Personalized mosaics
  18 = Mosaic Installations
  19 = Mosaic Color Charts

1-------Address Numbers Mosaic -----------------------------------------------

address mosaic.. Any numbers , any design, any size
046- Address number mosaic.. can be any colors or design around edges

2------Tuscan, Mediterranean and  Landscapes Mosaics   --------

Amalfi,  Italian landscape, wine art mosaic
MS 487 Amalfi/Pergola with wine bottles
Can be redesigned without wine bottles

mediterranean Italian mosaic landscape
MS 510

mosaic Tuscan  with statue and urns landscape          Mediterranean, Italian mosaic landscape
MS 033                                                                 MS 526   

Italian countryside mosaic mural
MS 102

Tuscan Italian mosaic landscape mural
MS 528

Tuscan, mediterranean, Greek Mosaic landscape
MS 527

MS 531

Tuscan Poppy landscape mosaic, Italian Mosaic, Poppies mosaic
MF 411 Tuscan Poppies landscape mosaic

AT 007  horizontal       Tuscan landscape and Wine art mosaic

AT 007 vertical Tuscan landscape with wine art and grapes mosaic

arched landscapeTuscan mosaic.. Italian mosaic
MS 206 Arch with landscape. Any image can be inserted in this arch. See examples below

Tuscan mosaic with arch      Fabulous Italian landscape mosaic with arch, Italian  landscape mosaic with  arch
For instance here are  two different  image  framed by the window
MS 206 with MS 228                                                                            MS 206 with Chianti Sunset

 Tuscan Mosaic Landscape      Tuscan courtyard  Italian Landscape mosaic Tiles                
                                     MS 309   Tuscan Mosaic Landscape                                                        MS 320 Tuscan MosaicCourtyard

Tuscan Italian mosaic landscape                                Mediterranean landscape in mosaic tiles

                       MS 418   Tuscan Mosaic Courtyard                                             MS 419   Mediterranean Mosaic Courtyard   

Tuscan Mosaic landscape
MS 225  Tuscan mosaic landscape

Panoramic Tuscan landscape

MS 225      B VERSION..   Panoramic   Tuscan mosaic landscape

Mosaic mural Tuscan Mosaic landscape  mural installation     MS 225 C VERSION
Tuscan Mosaic in back of outdoor Pizza oven.. YUM
Close up of Tuscan mosaic landscape.
Nice Work! Alicia

Italian landscape mosaic


Tuscan mosaic
MS 351   Tuscan mosaic landscape

Italian landscape mosaic tiles
MS 373    Tuscan mosaic landscape

Italian landscape mosaic tiles, Tuscan          
MS 228- A VERSION                                                     MS 228  

mediterranean landscape mosaic tiles
MS 365  
Mediterranean mosaic landscape

Tuscan mosaic landscape
MS 316 Tuscan mosaic landscape

Venice Mosaic street scene and canal
MS 486  Venice Mosaic

Venice Mosaic landscape with canal
MS 024 Venetian Mosaic

Italian landscape mosaic tiles, Tuscan
MS 158 Tuscan Courtyard mosaic

European Beach scene mosaic with boats
MS 23 A

Terrace landscape mosaic European mosaic
MS 261

Italian landscape mosaic tiles, Tuscan
MS 293

walkway mosaic Moroccan  mosaic          window scene mosaic
MS 347                                                                   MS 227  window view mosaic

Sailboats and harbor European mosaic.. Byblos mosaic
MS  477

Starry Night mosaic by Van Gogh
MS 471   Van Gogh Starry Night

mountain landscape mosaic
MS 451  Mountain View Mosaic

mountain and stream landscape mosaic
MS 350.. Mountain Stream Landscape mosaic

mountain and stream landscape mosaic
MS 450  Mountains and Trees Landscape Mosaic

stream and mountain view mosaic tiles
MS 482  Mountain Sream Mosaic

3-----Rooster Mosaics--------------------------------------------

We ship Mosaic murals all over the world

rooster mosaic tiles      Rooster mosaic tiles
MA 109  Rooster                                                                                               MA 217   Rooster

Rooster mosaic tiles
MA 152   Rooster

Rooster mosaic tiles
MA 363   Rooster

rooster mosaic tiles
MA 204   Rooster  mosaic

Rooster mosaic tiles

MSA 252 rooster mosaic accent

Rooster mosaic tiles.. any size
AT 11--- rooster 2 D  mosaic

Rooster tile mosaic
rooster 15 toscana pollo Mosaic

Rooster mosaic
AT 12 .... rooster 16.. Mosaic

4------ Still Life  Fruit Mosaics------------------------------------------
Fruit Bowl mosaic  Fruit Bowl mosaic    
   MK 012   Fruit mosaic                                                                                                   MK 021 Fruit mosaic   

Fruit Still Life Mosaic mural   Fruit Still Life Mosaic mural
 MK 021B      Fruit mosaic                                                                                                                  MK 029    Fruit mosaic

Fruit Still Life Mosaic mural   Fruit Still Life Mosaic mural
MK 043       Fruit mosaic                                                                            MK060   Fruit mosaic       

Fruit Still Life Mosaic mural
MK 031    Fruit mosaic

Fruit Still Life Mosaic mural
MK 078

Fruit Still Life Mosaic mural
MK 003        Fruit mosaic

Grapes mosaic     
MSA  115  grape accent

Tomatoes, vegetables mosaic accent           grapes mosaic accent
MK 052 Tomato accent mosaic                                                                  MK 054 grape mosaic  accent  

carrots, vegetables mosaic accent          fruit bowl mosaic accent
MK 054  Carrots accent mosaic                                                     MK 050 fruit bowl accent mosaic

5------Still Life    Floral ------------------------------------------
We ship Mosaic murals all over the world

Floral mosaic tiles

large flowers, Floral Mosaic
MF 366. see below for mosaic mural installation.. very dramatic

Tuscan Floral Landscape with arch
MF 013 B Tuscan Floral Mosaic. Can be redsigned so there isn't an arch.
See below for mosaic mural installation

floral border mosaic
MB 111

Floral mosaic tiles
MB 160 A

Floral mosaic tiles
MF 013 A....         Floral Mosaic

Floral  and urns mosaic tiles
MS 289

floral mosaic tiles              Floral mosaic tiles with arch     
MF  089     Floral Mosaic                                                        MF 089 floral mosaic onyx background

        Floral mosaic tiles
 MF 005   Floral Mosaic            

Large flowers, Floral mosaic tiles
MF 074   Floral Mosaic  .This would be awesome as a shower wall or ceiling  installation           

Floral mosaic tiles
MF 397    Floral Mosaic            

Floral mosaic tiles
MF 204   Floral Mosaic            

Arched Floral Mosaic

MF 347   Floral Mosaic            

floral and butterfly  mosaic tiles
MF  283    Floral Mosaic            

Floral mosaic tiles
MF 391    Floral Mosaic            

Floral  sparkly glass mosaic tiles
MF 391   A VERSION     Floral Mosaic            

Palm tree mosaic       sunflowers mosaic
MF 261 A VERSION    Floral Mosaic                                              SUNFLOWERS MOSAIC TILE  MURAL

Floral mosaic tiles
MF 106 floral mosaic with arch

Tree of life   mosaic tiles
MF 138 Tree of Life Mosaic


GF 023 GLASS  mosaics

MF 392  tree mosaic
6------Wine Art Mosaics---------------------------------------------------------------

wine art mosaic    Wine art mosaic tiles
MK 001 Wine Art Mosaic                                                                              MK 032   Wine Art Mosaic ..Mosaic mural installation below

wine art mosaic                                                                                                                                
MK 020      Wine Art Mosaic                                                                               

Wine art mosaic tiles
MK 071     Wine Art Mosaic  

Wine art mosaic
AT 006 Wine Art mosaic

AT 007 Wine art mosaic

Wine Art Mosaic                     wine art mosaic
MSA 121   WINE ART    MOSAIC  accent                                                     MSA 122 WINE ART MOSAIC accent

wine art mosaic                              wine art  and cheese mosaic
MK 013 wine art accent                                                                                MK 056  wine art accent

wine art mosaic
MK 010   wine  art mosaic  accent

wine art mosaic
AT 006 wine art mosaic

wine art mosaic                      Tuscan landscape and wine art mosaic     
MSA 191  WINE ART MOSAIC   accent                                        GL 902 .. can be recreated as a wine art  mosaic

MC 541   Wine Art Mosaic  . Vintage poster mosaic

Logo  can be personalized your way mosaics
 Wine Art Mosaic  

 Wine Art Mosaic  

7---Bird  Mosaics ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Peacock mosaics bird mosaics    Swan Mosaic
MA 052   Bird MOSAIC                                                                                                        MA  241 SWAN MOSAIC

Heron Mosaic                 Egret Mosaic
MA 245                                                                                                                                                       MA 244

flamingo mosaics
MA 255

birds on branches mosaic mural

bird mosaics
MA  336

flamingo mosaic mural
Kaner  Flamingo glass mosaic

8----Western Mosaics------------------------------------------------

Western Mosaic with horses
MA 366 Western Horses

horse mosaic
MA 269    Western Horses

horse mosaic
MS 458 Horse Mosaic

horse mosaic
MA 145 Western Horses

9------Abstract / Modern Contemporary-----Border or Full Wall Mosaic ---

We ship Mosaic murals all over the world

abstract wave mosaic
MG 239  Modern Wave Pattern  Mosaic  with red


abstract wave mosaic
Wave two tone

abstract circles mosaic
MG075   Modern Circle Mosaic

abstract circles  mosaic
MG 192  Abstract  Large circle Mosaic

Rclining lady mosaic
MS 063 Abstract Lady Reclining Mosaic

Abstract bubbles Mosaic

Abstract Swirls mosaic

Abstract tree mosaic like Klimpt painting
Abstract tree  GF 022

Goldfish bowl still life  mosaic
Abstract red Goldfish in Bowl

10 ------Tropical, Undersea, Fish Mosaics ----------------------------------

Glass undersea  mosaic

wave mosaic border
MB  011      colors can be changed

Waterhouse Mermaid Mosaic

   fish mosaic
               MA   015  A

fish mosaic  
MAM 032

fish mosaic
MA 033 This  border could have a different image in it
if you wanted a different fish or a tuscan landscape

 fish mosaic

Fish Mosaic border
MB 048   Fish Border mosaic

dolphin mosaic
MA  053

fish and undersea coral mosaic
MA 073 A

fish and undersea coral mosaic
MA  073

  Fish Mosaic
MA 084

dolphin mosaics
MA 094

tropical mosaic
MS 105  Tropical

dolphin mosaic border
MB 127     Dolphin Mosaic

fish mosaic

fish and undersea coral mosaic
MA 163

mermaid mosaic
MS   172

fish and undersea coral mosaic
MA 179

Dolphins, fish and undersea coral mosaic
MA    206

Fish Mosaic
MA 209

dolphins, fish and undersea coral mosaic
MA 213 A

fish and undersea coral  and dolphins mosaic
MA 213 B

Seashell Mosaic     
MA 225

Mermaid Mosaic

mermaid mosaic
MS 169  Mermaid Mosaic

dolphins medallion mosaics
MA 291

    turtle mosaics,, great for a pool
MA 299

fish and undersea coral mosaic
MA 333

fish mosaic
MA 349

      Fish Mosaic
MA 352

fish and undersea coral mosaic
MA 376

seahorse mosaic
Glass Mosaic  Seahorse and shell

fish mosaic border
Fish Border

11----Figurative Mosaics--------------------------------------

We ship Mosaic murals all over the world

Glass Bathing Figures

MS 027 B    Botticelli venus

MS 037 A VERSION   Botticelli venus

MS 186 Creation of Adam..Hands

MS 230    Creation of Adam    Michaelangelo  

MS 384


MS 160

mermaid mosaic
MS 169  Mermaid Mosaic

MS 252 Klimt .. Mosaic.. My most favorite

woman with flowers mosaic
MS 240 Woman Mosaic

cherubs and flowers mosaic

Woman with cherubs mosaic

MS 003 A....Woman pouring Water Mosaic

nude with pitcher mosaic
MS 311  Woman with Urn Mosaic
Beautiful mosaic especially for a spa or shower


12----------------Religious Mosaics -------------------

MR   012 The last Supper

Religious mosaic Mural ... Christian Mosaic                Christian  Mosaic mural
MR 013                                                                                                                            MR 025

Catholic mosaic mural
MR 193

                   Lady of guadalupe Catholic mosaic mural
MR 031                                                                                                      Lady Of Guadalupe  Mosaic

Our Lady of Guadalupe installed in Fr. Shumaker's outdoor garden  32x48
Mosaic tiles
Closeup of Virgin of Guadalupe Mosaic in The fathers courtyard
Fr. Shumaker wanted me to really change the colors of  the Lady so it would be  vibrant

lady of Guadalupe mosaic tile mural installation
`It looks super!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Fr. Shumaker

Fish and loaves

13--------Mosaics  For  Entryway Floors, Niches -----------------

fabulous entryway or floor medallion mosaic customized
MG 127 Floor mosaic

Floor or entryway mosaic tiles.                      
MF 095  Floor Mosaic                                                                                  MF 390   Floor Mosaic

fabulous entryway or floor medallion mosaic customized
MF 297  Floor Mosaic  


Sun mosaic . entryway or floor mosaic



Southwest  or navaho inspired  floor or wall mosaic
ATE 10  Southwest inspired mosaic

14-------Compass Rose  Mosaics--------------------------------


MG   011C   Compass Rose                                                                    MG  178  Compass Rose

     Compass rose mosaic tiles
MG 011 D   Compass Rose                                                                                              MG 229   Compass Rose

15---------Medallion Mosaics -------------------------------
 We ship Mosaic murals all over the world

MM005    Mosaic medallion                                                                                                 MM027    Mosaic medallion         

                             compass rose medallion mosaic   
MM 027 A     Mosaic medallion                                                                       MM 049  Mosaic medallion         
medallion mosaic                                   medallion mosaic   
MM 069 A        Mosaic medallion                                                             MM 075  Mosaic medallion         

medallion mosaic                                         
MM 079     Mosaic medallion                                                              MM 089    Mosaic medallion         

                                     Medallion Mosaic tiles    
MM 104    Mosaic medallion                                                                               MM 113    Mosaic medallion   

Tuscan mosaic medallion                                               
MM 152      Mosaic  Tuscan medallion                                                                         MM 212  A  Mosaic medallion           

sun mosaic medallion                                           
MM 244        Mosaic medallion                                                                          MM 251  Mosaic medallion         

MM 276  Mosaic medallion                                                                     MM 130    Mosaic medallion                        

16----- Animal mosaics---------------------------------

FabulousTiger, Animal Mosaic
AT 009 Tibetan Tiger Mosaic

 Tiger mosaic mural ,animal mosaic
MA 009  Tiger Mosaic

Dog Mosaic
MA  074   Dog Mosaic

leopard mosaic mural , animal mosaic
MA 281 Leopard Mosaic

elk mosaic mural, animal mosaic
MA 282 Elk Mosaic

tree of life mosaic mural
MA 246 Tree of Life with animals

leopard mosaic mural
MA 247  Leopard Mosaic

Dog mosaic customized from your photo
MA 393
or submit a photo to be redesigned as a fabulous mosaic

17-----Your Logo or Any image personalized  in mosaic tiles, Any Size------
Here are some examples of Logos

Logo mosaic mural      your logo designed as a mosaic mural

Your logo designed as a mosaic mural.. beer bottle mosaic                       
Your logo design custumized for you  ..Some examples

18-----Mosaic Tile Mural Installations----------------------

outdoor kitchen mosaic mural installation  customized for client
Outdoor Kitchen with Tuscan Italian Pergola scene

medallion floor mosaic mural installation
floor medallion mosaic installation


  large floral mosaic mural installation for bathroomWine art  Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Installation                                      Dramatic  Bathroom  Mosaic Floral  Backsplash Installation

kitchen backsplash mosaic mural installation scroll work design
Fabulous Kitchen Mosaic Backsplash Installation

outdoor mosaic mural ...sun flowers mosaic installation
Tuscan Sunflower  Outdoor Mosaic Installation  with a radius

Pool medallion mosaic mural installation
Medallion Pool Mosaic Installation

fireplace mosaic
Fireplace Mosaic Installation

floor mosaic
Fabulous Floor Mosaic

floor mosaic mural installation
Kitchen Floor Mosaic

Memorial Mosaic Mural installation for monument
Memorial Mosaic

outdoor floor entryway mosaic installation
Exterior Mosaic Floor Entryway

ceiling mosaic mural
Ceiling mosaic

Bathroom Mosaic mural installation
Bathroom Mosaic

outdoor entryway floor mosaic mural installation


19--Mosaic  Color Charts--------------------------

Natural Stone

Sparkly Glass
 Difference between stone and a glass mosaic is the play of light that glass allows.
Glass, even when it's on an opaque surface reflects and refracts light in a manner that stone cannot
and it's that play of light that makes them unique and highly prized as elements in a home. More pricey than stone.

One additional feature that makes glass mosaics popular is the range of colors  available;

More Glass

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