-Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects

Photo Memorials
Ceramic Photo Memorial, Pet Memorials, Oval Cameo, Rectangle, heart and Round porcelain, Bronze frames, Bronze covered frames, Laser etched marble, Keepsake,
memory box

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Personalized Porcelain Cameo Tiles
Customized and personalized in Celebration of your loved ones and beloved pets.
Tiles are guaranteed to last a lifetime

Photo quality images created using true ceramic pigments which are kiln fired into the
ceramic glaze at 1600 degrees fahrenheit. Truly elegant and heavyweight
 Bronze covered and uncovered frames

Please see our product line below... Wholesale pricing available Contact Alicia

Photo memorial cameos  including oval, rectangle, round and heart cameos for headstones and markers

Photo memorial cameos for a headstone or marker for pet memorials and your loved ones
Oval Cameos Outdoor Porcelain Tiles
Oval 1------ 2.4x 3.1   inches---  $153.00
Oval 2--- ---3.1 x 3.9  Inches--   $173.00
Oval 3------3.5 x 4.7  inches---- $191.00
Oval 4--- - 4.3x 5.9  inches---    $228.00
Oval 5--....5.1x 7.1  inches...      $259.00
Oval 6---....7.1x 9.4  inches --    $365.00

  Rectangle  Outdoor Porcelain Tiles
   Rectangle 1--- --- 2.4x 3.1   inches--- $153.00
  Rectangle  2----   3.1 x 3.9  Inches--   $173.00
  Rectangel  3-------3.5 x4.7   inches--- $191.00
  Rectangle  4----   4.3x5.9   inches---    $228.00
  Rectangle  5---....5.1x7.1    inches...   $259.00
  Rectangel  6---....7.1x9.4    inches --    $365.00
Heart  - Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

4 x 4 inches--     $174.00
6x6   inches---    $210.00
Round  - Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Round 1----3.5"---    $174.00
Round 2---- 6"--        $210.00
Cameo has adhesive backing for easy installation.
make sure monument is clean and dry

 Elegant covered and uncovered
 Bronze Frames

for our outdoor OVAL cameos.
Prices  below include frame and cameo   

Bronze covered frame for a photo memotial for a headstone
Bronze Covered Frame with cameo   
CF1------  2.4x 3.1   inches---  $260.00..Price includes frame and cameo   
CF 2--- ---3.1 x 3.9  Inches--   $320.00..Price includes frame and cameo  
CF 3------ 3.5 x 4.7  inches---- $380.00..Price includes frame and cameo   

Bronze frame for a cameo porcelain personalized photo memorial
Bronze Plain Frame with cameo
Does not include stand

BP 1--- 2.4x 3.1   inches---  $190.00
BP 2----3.1 x 3.9  Inches--   $230.00
BP 3----3.5 x 4.7  inches---- $250.00
BP 4--- 4.3x 5.9  inches---   $310.00
BP 5--... 5.1x 7.1  inches...    $410.00

Bronze ornate frame for a cameo porcelain personalized photo memorial
Bronze Fancy/Designed Frame
 with cameo
Does not include stand

BD 1----2.4x 3.1   inches---  $210.00
BD 2--- 3.1 x 3.9  Inches--   $250.00
BD 3----3.5 x 4.7  inches---- $310.00
BD 4--- 4.3x 5.9  inches---   $410.00
BD 5--...5.1x 7.1  inches...    $510.00
Prices include frame and cameo

How to Install Frames
Bronze Frames are provided with 2 pins for attachment to the Memorial.
These frames are permanently attached to the portrait with masonry glue.
Frames & Portraits together are then secured drilling 2 holes into monument, matching pin positions.
Use masonry glue in the holes also.
Please do not predrill holes in the monument prior to receiving your portrait and frame.

 Plus s/h

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               Wholesale Pricing Available

Testimonial and intallation photo from client
Oval Cameo -  Installation on monument.. Rich and vibrant color
Photo memorial example    cameo example  
"Please find attached the wonderful cameo that you did for my father.
Thank you so much for the peace you have given to us with his picture."

Inspirational Cross with your photo and sentiment  
 Kiln fired outdoor
porcelain tile
Tile will last a lifetime

 12x12.... 240.00  plus s/h

This is a square porcelain tile. Edge of tile is not beveled
It is  not a finished edge
Cross, Painterly Cherubs and Clouds surround a Personalized photo and inscription.

 Personalized  and Customized
Memorial Garden Rock
Made of ceramic to look like stone and kiln fired at

1600 degrees F so that image and words
will last a lifetime outdoors.

Perfect for you're garden to commemorate
your Beloved family member, friend or beloved pet.

Measures-6x12" -- Photo and up to 12 words

 $144.00 including s/h
Garden Rock Installation in Wendy's Memorial Garden
"Hi Alicia,
Thanks for sending the "rock" so promptly.
We live in the mountains and we happen to be very close to the top of the mountain. The spot for our departed pets is nestled up against the mountainside, in a kind of cove protected from weather onslaughts and removed from every day comings and goings. Sparky and SnowBear will eventually join Patches and Poobs in this spot, as we don't expect to be departing this site any time soon."

memorial garden  rock to honor a loved one or a pet, pet memorial  pet rock installation

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Style #  Keepsake box. 6x6. $40.00
Style #  Keepsake box. 6x8. $54.00
Personalized keepsake box.. Any custom design transferred onto ceramic tile. Personalized Keepsake box 
holds small reminders of our loved ones and beloved pets.

Personalized Keepsake box
holds small reminders of our loved ones and beloved pets.

Mahogany wood satin finish
Ivory velvet lined
pads at bottom

available in 6x6 or 6x8

Any image or design
 custom designed for

Seal it and can be used as an urn

Laser Etched Black Marble
Square or Rectangle- 3/8" thick

Photo and inscription etched in white into absolute black marble tiles .
Indoor or outdoor use. Can be placed on the ground as a marker

  6x6-       85.00
12x12-- 150.00

Laser etched marble memorial plaque

Pieta by Michaelangelo
Black marble with etching

Memorial Mosaic Mural installation for monument
Memorial Mosaic Mural for headstone
Large collection of religious  mosacs..
Go to  .....  http://www.mosaicsyourway.com