Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects

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Photo Tiles

Personalized Tile Gifts  for  your family,
  the love of your life, corporate gifts and fundraising ideas,
donor and sponsor tiles

Alicia Tapp Designs specialize in transferring  images on to ceramic tiles
according  to Your own personal specifications .
Supply your own image or choose an image
from the other pages on my website that suits your own style .

Vintage photos are transferred onto tiles and inset into a scrolled black wrought iron frame as a wall hanging
Tribute to my grandparents and Father..
Ceramic Tiles,
Tumbled marble tiles
Glass tiles
Imaged Tiles
Framed tiles
keepsake box
laser etched plaques
Outdoor porcelain kiln fired  tiles

Wholesale to resellers

 Fundraising Ideas ?
 If your Church, School, Women's Club or
 Community Service Organization is looking for a  
  fundraising  project, buy personalized tiles - framed or unframed,
 donor tiles,
 as a way to increase profits ...

Call or Email to order


Indoor Individual
Ceramic Tiles

4.25x4.25--        $9.00 --  matte, satin or glossy
6x6                     $18.00-  matte, satin or glossy
6x8                     $24.00 - high gloss only
8x10                   $40.00 - high gloss, matte
12x12                 $100.00--  Satin, matte
Indoor  Individual
Tumbled Marble Tiles

4x4--         $9.00  -- matte- no shine
6x6           $18.00-  matte

Wholesale prices are available
Indoor  Individual Glass Tiles
6x6    are    $22.00 each

Personalized logo on tiles -fundraiser ideas
Corvettes logo on 4x4" Marble Tiles
JCC logo on 4x4" Marble Tiles
Marble or ceramic tiles for a fund raiser, school event, silent auction,  banquet , giveaway, corporate function, wedding,
 bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah ,etc.
( Tip )-- We can also personalize a wine label
or seed packet tile for your function

Wholesale Pricing Available

Style #  Keepsake box  6x6.. $40.00
Style # Keepsake Box   6x8.. $54.00
Personalized keepsake box.. Any custom design transferred onto ceramic tile. Personalized Keepsake box 
holds small reminders of our loved ones and beloved pets.

 Keepsake box

Mahogany wood satin finish
Ivory velvet lined
pads at bottom

available in 6x6 or 6x8

Any image or design
 custom designed for you
No minimums or set up fees

  Wholesale  Pricing   Available

 Style #  Wedding Table numbers

table numbers

shown were created
on 6x6" matte ceramic

4.25x4.25 are $9.00   each tile
6x6            are $18.00 each tile

Any image can be designed

above.. client sent me all the wineries they visited at the time her future husband proposed to her

above left.. client sent me photos of a trip to Europe. Each tile was a different city

below left.. Beautiful fabric  with table number and butterfly

above right.. birds, flowers, butterflies with their meanings

below right.. her favorite Fairy book transferred onto tiles

Wedding table numbers. Any design can be created  for your special day

 Style # BMF..  $42.00
3 personalized tiles inserted into a black metal frame with scrollwork

Black Metal
Tile Frame
Imaged 4 1/4 x 4 1/4' Ceramic Tiles
3 personalized tiles inserted into a black metal shabby chic frame
Ah-- We'll Always Have Paris ~ Tell a story on 3 tiles
3 images are transferred onto tiles and inset into a shabby chic black metal frame
An example of Family Photos
Vintage photos are transferred onto tiles and inset into a scrolled black wrought iron frame as a wall hanging
My Grandparents and my Dad in the center-- in sepia tones--

Style # BMC ..  $44.00                   
black metal coaster holder with 4 personalized ceramic tiles

Black Metal
Coaster holder

with  4 ~  4 1/4 x 4 1/4"  Imaged ceramic tiles.

Your choice of any 4 images on the website or submit your own photos

Trivet or Wall Frame
4.25x4.25  ceramic tile..       Style # BMT 4 ....  $22.00
   6x6          ceramic tile..       Style # BMT 6  .... $32.00
Black Metal trivet or wall frame
with  imaged ceramic tile
Ceramic tile sizes are
 4 1/4 x 4 1/4

An example of a Perfect gift for a wine connoisseur-- their favourite wine label tile trivet.

Black metal art deco trivet  frame with personalized tiles
Choose a wine label that is to your
"taste" or hang it on the wall
Show off : )

Style # WF4.... $30.00  has  imaged  4.25x4.25" ceramic tile                 
Style # WF6.... $40.00  has imaged        6x6"       ceramic tile
Choose: Rosewood      

Rosewood frame/ trivet-  with ceramic tile

For example-- your pet on ceramic tile framed  in Rosewood-- Use as a wall hanging or trivet

Black or rosewood Frame for tiles

Wood  Frame

4.25 x4.25" Imaged Glossy ceramic tile-
Frame is  6.25" Square
  6x6"   Imaged Glossy  ceramic tile.
Frame is 8" square

Frame is 1" on all sides

Exceptional quality.
 Drilled holes in back for hanging and
rubber pads on bottom to
 protect surfaces when laying flat.

Style # Cross.   indoors     =  $18.00 = 6x6    ceramic
                                                    24.00 = 6x8
                                                    40.00 = 8x10
                                                    12x12- 100.00
Style # Cross . outdoors  =.porcelain tile..  Guaranteed for a lifetime outdoors
 12x12=    240.00
Inspirational Cross with your photo and sentiment

This is a SQUARE  tile  

Cross, Cupids and clouds
 background transfer.

Painterly Cherubs surround a
 Personalized photo and inscription.

Personalized & Customized Wine labels on Tiles For any Occasion
on Marble or Ceramic Tiles--
4x4 are $9.00 each
 6x6 are $18.00 each
Wholesale prices are available
Style# Angel
Personalized and customized wine labels transferred onto tiles for an event
Style# Venus
Style # Vines
Your very own personalized wine label  as a tile mural or coaster
Style # Flowers
Style# Crest
Style # Tuscan

Personalized wine labels on Tiles  for any occasion.
Wedding favors, birthdays, fundraisers, community events, to honor an employee, Anniversary,Fathers day, Mothers day,, wine tasting event. anniversary of company. trade show give-a-ways, New Years party, School art fund-raisers

 Laser Etching

Laser Etched Black Marble   

6x6--           85.00
12x12-     150.00

Laser etched marble memorial plaque
State of the art laser technology enables us to customize black  marble. You can personalize the stone  by adding an image or inscription  ... indoors or Outdoors

Heart- 4x4
Personalized Scrapbooking Tiles

1/16" thickness-
extremely lightweight --
 gloss tiles ( polycarbonate)

Available in
oval--        3x4"---    $15.00
heart---    4x4"----  $16.00

Add them to your scrapbook or on the cover of an album , etc.
Anywhere, where thickness and weight is an issue
Indoors only
personalized memorial
Oval- vertical or horizontal- edge to edge or blurred border - 3x4"

To View Photo Memorials
for Gravestones, Markers  or Monuments ~

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