Ceramic Sculptures by Alicia Tapp
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 Sculpture by Alicia Tapp

Ceramic birds and found objects on wheels
Bye, Bye Birdie
Accepted into the juried show at
Southwest Art School 2012
Ceramic low fire Birds with found objects on wheels

Sculptural Ceramic woman on a bird cage  with found objects     
Alicia in Wonderland
Ceramic low fire with found objects and gauze


          High fire vessel

 Vessel 2

Vessel    2 , 3, 4   ....  High fire stoneware  $75.00 Each

High fire vessel , glaze and oxides        
Vessel 3  

  Hi Fire vase with slips, oxides and glaze
Vessel 4

Low fire ceramic sculpture with birds and flowers
Tea Party Centerpiece
Accepted into  a juried show at
 Parchman Stremmel  Gallery , San Antonio 2010
Totem Pole

Birds of a Feather Bon Bon Together
Low Fire ceramic

Low fire ceramic  totem wit flowers
Tabletop Totem
Low fire ceramic

Low fire head wall art with found objects
Wall  Art Head
Low Fire ceramic with found objects

clay bouquet and wallflowers. low fire  vibrant ceramics . 3 for $60.00
One of a kind .. Each flower ceramic is different  

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