Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects

Tile Murals

Fabulous Tuscan art by famous contemporary artists
 and Old Master artists
 transferred onto
marble, ceramic or glass tiles
 for indoor and outdoor environments

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Cherubs, Mermaid

Old World Masters

Brilliant Artists

Aagaard  View to the Amalfi Coastline on ceramic, marble or glass tiles   Pergola tile mural
AAGAARD  A- view to the Amalfi Coast                 B- Pergola

 Tuscan tile mural
C - Lake Como

Tuscan panoramic tile mural or border tile
AB-- Amalfi Pergola combined--
 A client requested this for their very wide
 kitchen backsplash  ~ pretty cool, huh?

Tuscan amalfi and , lake como and pergola combined for panoramic mural
ABC-----  Amalfi, Pergola, Como combined
Another client saw the AB mural and commissioned me to
make a mural  that was even more panoramic and lo and behold --
 60" x  8" -- to create a border for their backsplash.

As a variation..Any image can have an arch around it

 JM---Red Poppy Road   

JM- Chianti Sunset   

 JM---  Olive Vineyard 5

  chianti village tile mural   
JM-Tuscan Chianti Village gold sky          JM-Tuscan Chianti Village blue sky

chianti harvest tile mural.. tuscan landscape       
JM-- Chianti Harvest                                           JM---  Tuscan Vineyard vertical

JM -  red poppy tuscan hills

JM-  Cardella Winery

      tuscan landscape tile mural

tuscan landscape tile mural
JM --- Tuscan Vista

JM---  Tuscan Village  

Tuscan landscape      Tuscan landscape
JM-- Tuscan Villa 2           JM--- Vine 5

bramasole tuscan landscape   tuscan landscape tile mural
JM---Bramasole Poppy Garden                      JM  Tuscan 1114 Villa   
For all you lovers, including myself.. of
  "UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN", the Bramasole Poppy Garden and Bramasole below  is the house in the movie.  Bellisimo..That and Enchanted April

tuscan landscape on tile
JM--  Bramasole
olive villa tuscan landscape on tile
JM----   Olive Villa

tuscan landscape  tuscan landscape                 
JM--- Vineyard                                  JM--- Gold Vineyard

Guido Borelli Colonne as a kitchen backsplash or installed on your outdoor patio on ceramic tiles   tuscan landscape on tile
GB-  A LA COLONNE          GB- 042 -014

 GB- 042-009                           GB- 042-012

 tuscan landscape                tuscan landscape on tile
GB- 042-004                         GB- 042-005

Papaveri by Guido Borelli.. Tuscan landscape  il villaggio by Guido Borelli.. Tuscan Landscape  
GB - papaveri                              GB -   il-villaggio

tuscan landscape              tuscan landscape
 GB- Campagna                            GB- Fiume

tuscan arch    
ADH- TUSCAN ARCH                                                           

sunflower fields tuscan landscape
Erin Williams- Sunflower Fields

Guido Borelli-  Terrazzo Sul Lago

Guido Borelli -- Gradini